Inorganic Physical Chemistry

Associate Professor D. Sc. 1997, Tokyo Metropolitan University

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Drastic lowering of the order-disorder phase transition temperatures in Zr1-xMxW2O8-y (M=Sc, Y, In) solid solutions, Y. Yamamura, N. Nakajima, T. Tsuji, A. Kojima, Y. Kuroiwa, A. Sawada, S. Aoyagi, and H. Kasatani, Physical Review B, 70, 104107 (2004).
Low temperature heat capacities and Raman spectra of negative thermal expansion compounds ZrW2O8 and HfW2O8, Y. Yamamura, N. Nakajima, T. Tsuji, M. Koyano, Y. Iwasa, S. Katayama, K. Saito and M. Sorai, Physical Review B 66, 014301 (2002).
Calorimetric and X-Ray Diffraction Studies on _-to-_ Structural Phase Transitions in HfW2O8 and ZrW2O8, Y. Yamamura, N. Nakajima and T. Tsuji, Physical Review B 64, 184109 (2001).