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Dr. Tatsuo ARAI Dr. Yoshinobu NISHIMURA Dr. Atsuya Momotake

This laboratory works on design, synthesis, characterization of the photofunctionalized molecules and on structure-reactivity relationship of the excited state molecules and intermediates by laser spectroscopies. Furthermore, the research to control the dynamics of short-lived reaction intermediates by supramolecular approaches is in progress.

  1. Novel photochromism based on hydrogen bonding
  2. Photofunctionalization of molecular assemblies by utilizing intermolecular hydrogen bonding
  3. Synthesis and excited state properties of photoreversible dendrimer molecules
  4. Potential energy surfaces of photoisomerization of aromatic enediyne compounds

Setup for Transient absorption spectroscopy by using YAG Laser Synthesis of stilbene dendrimers
and investigation of their photochemical isomerization

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