Phase Relation and Dehydration Behavior of Barium Nitrite Hydrates

Hitoshi KAWAJI, Kazuya SAITO, Tooru ATAKE and Yasutoshi SAITO

The phase relation and the dehydration behavior of barium nitrite hydrates have been examined by DTA under various external pressures, and by TG-DTA in air. The equilibrium water vapor pressures of the mono-, hemi-, and 1/3-hydrates have been measured. The temperatures of III-II and II-I phase transitions and melting point of the anhydrate are 469, 497 and 542 K, respectively. The hydration in the atmosphere proceeds as follows:
Monohydrate - 372 K -> Hemihydrate - 425 K -> 1/3-hydrate - 457 K -> Anhydrate.
(Thermochim. Acta, 127, 201-208 (1988))

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