Invited Speakers


Prof. Lawrence Que, Jr. (USA)

“In Pursuit of the Elusive Fe(V)=O Oxidant in
Bio-inspired Nonheme Iron-Catalyzed Oxidations”

Prof. Tai-Chu Lau (Hong Kong)

“Catalytic Water Oxidation and CO2 Reduction by Quaterpyridine Complexes”

Prof. Shengfa Ye (Germany)

“Electronic Structures and Reactivity of Iron(V)-Nitrido Complexes”

Prof. Yoshihito Shiota (Japan)

“Theoretical Study of C–H Bond Activation

at Dicopper Species”

Prof. Shinobu Itoh (Japan)

“Versatile Reactivity of Mononuclear Copper(II) Superoxide Complex”

Prof. Way-Zen Lee (Taiwan)

“Formation and Characterization of Cobalt-Peroxynitrite”

Prof. Tapan Kanti Paine (India)

Aliphatic C-C Bond Cleavage by 2,4’-Dihydroxy-acetophenone Dioxygenase (DAD): Mechanistic Insights from Biomimetic Studies

Prof. Kallol Ray (Germany)


Prof. David Goldberg (USA)

Mononuclear M(O) and M(OH) (M = Fe, Mn) Complexes: Reactivity and Mechanism in Model Oxygenase Intermediates

Prof. Tim Warren (USA)

Modeling Nitric Oxide Signaling Chemistry

at Copper Sites

Prof. Takahiko Kojima (Japan)

“Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction and H2 Evolution Using Ni(II) Complexes”

Prof. Kenneth D. Karlin (USA)

Primary Copper(I)-Dioxygen Adduct Formation, Stabilization and Substrate Oxidative Reactivity

Prof. Todd Harrop (USA)

Synthesis and Properties of Co-Nitrosyls in Relation to the Generation of Reduced NOx Species





Prof. Hiroshi Fujii (Japan)

Marcus Theory Analysis of Aromatic Hydroxylation and Epoxidation Reactions by Compound I Model Complexes


Prof. James M. Mayer (USA)

Proton and Electron Transfer Effects in Three-Component Concerted Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reactions

Prof. Christian Limberg (Germany)

“A Biomimetic Nickel Complex with a Reduced CO2 Ligand Generated by Formate Deprotonation and its Behaviour towards CO2


Prof. Julie Kovacs (USA)

“Reversible Dioxygen Evolution from a Transient Fe(III)-

Superoxo Species Affords a Peroxo-Bridged Fe(III) Complex”



Prof. Masahito Kodera (Japan)

“Bioinspired Dicopper Complexes: Specific Enhancement of Catalytic Activity in Benzene Oxidation with Hydrogen Peroxide, Mechanism, Role of H2O Molecule, and Ligand Electronic Effect”