The lists of publications have been updated. NEW
Mr. Yuto Kawashima (M2) was awarded a poster award at the 7th CSJ Chemistry Festa.
TREMS seminar
Prof. Takashi Kubo (Osaka Univ.)
Mr. Keita Muto (M1) was awarded the Excellent Poster Award at Tsukuba Global Science Week 2017.
Dr. Ryota Matsuoka was awarded the 33rd Mazda Foundation Incentive Award.
Mr. Takumu Noda (D2) was awarded a poster award at the 28th symposium on physical organic chemistry.
TIMS seminar (Aug. 03)
Prof. Wim Dehaen (KU Leuven)
Our study on a new macrocycle is published in Nature Communications.
[Paper (Open Access)] [Press Release (Japanese)]
TIMS 17th symposium on functional molecules
TIMS seminar (Apr. 06)
Prof. Christoph A. Schalley (FU Berlin)
Dr. Ryota Matsuoka has joined our group as an Assist. Prof.
Dr. Masaki Yamamura has moved to Toyama Prefectural University as an Assoc. Prof.
Mr. Toru Hasegawa (2016th M2) and Mr. Gento Yamaguchi (2016th M2) were awarded
the Dean award of the Grad. Sch. of Pure and Appl. Sci., Univ. of Tsukuba.
Mr. Shinnosuke Tsukuda (2016th B4) was commended by the Alumni Association of Univ. of Tsukuba.