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Faculty Members

Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry

Takahiko Kojima
Bioinspired redox chemistry of metal complexes; Supramolecular redox chemistry of non-planar porphyrins.

Keisuke Sueki
Study on a new atomic and molecular system using by radioisotopes and study of environmental radioisotope.

Kiyoharu Nakatani
Studies on chemical processes at microdroplet/solution and microparticle/solution interfaces using electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques.

Masayuki Nihei
Multi-stability in external-stimuli responsive metal complexes, Syntheses of dual-responsive metal complexes, Switching of physical properties using controlled electron transfer induced by external stimuli, Switching of physical properties in multifunctional metal complexes.

Tomoya Ishizuka
Supramolecular chemistry with functional metal complexes such as porphyrin.

Aya Sakaguchi
Environmental dynamics using stable/radio-isotopes composition and chemical speciation analyses.

Takuya Shiga
Studies on syntheses of low dimensional magnetic systems with specific quantum physical properties and multifunctionality of molecular assemblies.

Hiroaki Kotani
Development of functional metal complexes and their application to photocatalytic reactions; mechanistic insight into those reactions.

Akihisa Miyagawa
Development of novel trace analytical method based on physical field.

Shinya Yamasaki
Study on the fate of radioactive substances in soil.

Physical Chemistry

Taka-aki Ishibashi
Vibrational sum-frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy of monolayers and molecular interfaces, Time-resolved IR spectroscopy of photocatalytic processes and photochemical reactions in solutions.

Kazuya Saito
Physical chemistry of structure and properties of molecular aggregates (soft matter, organic/lowdimensional conductors, molecular dynamics in crystal and phase transitions).

Tomoo Sato
Studies on photofunctions and photochemical properties of newly fabricated molecular assemblies and inorganic particles in mesoscopic scale.

Yoshinobu Nishimura
Studies on electron and energy transfer reactions in donor-acceptor systems by time-resolved spectroscopy.

Toru Matsui
Development of computational schemes for pKa value and redox potential in bio-molecules.

Atsuya Momotake
Study on photochemical properties and dynamics of photoresponsive polymers and bioactive molecules.

Yasuhisa Yamamura
Studies on molecular dynamics and phase transitions of molecular aggregates and inorganic materials.

Masato Kondoh
Study on structure and dynamics of molecules in solution and at interface using nonlinear spectroscopy.

Yuki Nojima
Vibrational sum frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy of biorelevant water interfaces

Mafumi Hishida
Studies on the self-assembly mechanism of soft materials such as amphiphilic molecules.

Organic Chemistry

Junji Ichikawa
Studies on acceleration and control of synthetic organic reactions. Development of synthetic reactions using organofluorine and organometallic compounds.

Hideo Kigoshi
Isolation, structures, synthesis and molecular mechanisms of bioactivities of natural products.

Tatsuya Nabeshima*
Design and synthesis of functional organic compounds, organic and inorganic hybrid supramolecular complexes and molecular assemblies, and biofunctional host molecules.

Masaaki Ichinohe
Main Group Element Chemistry. Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of Low-coordination and Multiple Bonded Compounds of Heavier Group 14 Elements.

Kohei Fuchibe
Development of catalytic synthetic reactions by transition metal elements.

Masahito Yoshida
Total synthesis, biological evaluation and elucidation of the mode of action of biologically active natural products and their analogues.

Vladimir Ya. Lee
Main research in the field of organoelement chemistry of Group 13-14, particularly low-coordinated compounds, small rings, cations, free radicals, and anions.

Takayuki Ohyoshi
Synthetic study of bioactive natural products and structure-activity relationship.

Yusuke Chiba
Design and synthesis of supramolecular structures, construction of functional molecular system based on preciorganic synthesis and supramolecular chemistry.

Takashi Nakamura
Precise construction of supramolecular systems and exploration of their function. Research on supramolecular metal complexes utilizing organic ligands and metal ions.

Takeshi Fujita
Synthetic approach to polycyclic compounds directed toward creation of functional materials.

Shogo Morisako
Design and synthesis of low-coordinate and hypercoordinate organoelement compounds for new chemical transformations.

Interdisciplinary Chemistry

Kenji Iwasaki
Structural biology and chemistry of biological molecules, particularly proteins and nucleic acids. A wide variety of methods are used such as electron cryo-microscopy, x-ray crystallography, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Yasuhiko Yamamoto
Investigation of architecture of metalloprotein and metalloenzyme structures; Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of paramagnetic metal complexes.

Shigenori Nagatomo
Studies on functions and structures of metalloproteins and their active site model compounds using resonance Raman spectroscopy.

Cooperative Graduate School

Junji Akimoto (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Studies on Inorganic solid state chemistry and electrochemistry for advanced functional materials (including lithium ion battery positive and negative electrode materials, and advanced solid electrolyte materials).

Toshihide Kamata (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Studies on the super-structured thin film of molecular compounds and its application to the organic transistors.

Yukari Sato (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Functionalization of solid and electrode surfaces; Redox flow battery for renewable energy introduction; Construction of micro multi sensing devices for marine environment;

Han Li-Biao (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Studies on the efficient preparation of heteroatom compounds (organophosphorus chemicals in particular) via catalysis and development of heteroatom-containing functional materials.

Yuji Yoshida (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Studies on film structure and the photo-electric properties of polymers, molecular compounds and organic-inorganic hybrid materials, and studies on organic electronics chemistry such as organic solar cells.

Okazaki Toshiya (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology )
Studies on film structure and the photo-electric properties of polymers, molecular compounds and organic-inorganic hybrid materials, and studies on organic electronics chemistry such as organic solar cells.

Yumiko Nakajima (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology )
Design and synthesis of novel transition metal catalysts, Development of catalytic reactions for precise synthesis of new organometallic compounds containing main group elements.

Yasuo Norikane (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology )
Photofunctional organic molecules especially showing photo-induced solid-liquid phase transitions and light-driven mechanical motion.

Yusuke Hara (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology )
Studies on functional polymer chains and polymer gels, for soft actuators, soft robots and microfluidic devices.

Nanomaterials Chemistry (MSE Course)

Masayuki Takeuchi (National Institute for Materials Science)
Creation of new organic nanochemistry thorough the design, synthesis, and characterization of organic, macromolecular, and supramolecular materials with photo- and electro-active components, chemosensing functions, dynamic mechanical characters.

Masanobu Naito (National Institute for Materials Science)
Studies on adhesive and coating materials for aircraft, automobile, ship, and infrastructures. By using state-of-the-art surface analysis technique, polymerization method, and process techniques, we develop novel, high performance adhesive and coating materials.

International Institute For Integrative Sleep Medicine

Nagase Hiroshi
Design and synthesis of orexin receptor agonists/ Design and synthesis of opioid ligands/Research and development for narcorepsy, severe pain, depression, pollakiurea, malaria, other protozoal diseases, and cancer drugs.

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