The students of the Master and Doctoral programs in chemistry will be trained both theoretically and experimentally in all major fields of chemistry including Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and related disciplines.

Welcome Doctoral Program in Chemistry

Ishibashi Lab

Molecular Spectroscopy and Physical Chemistry of surfaces, interfaces, and solutions.

Ichikawa Lab

Studies on acceleration and control of synthetic organic reactions. Development of synthetic reactions using organofluorine and organometallic compounds.

Ichinohe Lab

Main Group Element Chemistry. Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of Low-coordination and Multiple Bonded Compounds of Heavier Group 14 Elements.

Bioorganic Chemistry Lab

Isolation, structures, synthesis and molecular mechanisms of bioactivites of natural products.

Kojima Lab

Bioinspired redox chemistry of metal complexes; Supramolecular redox chemistry of non-planar porphyrins.

Sato Lab

Studies on photofunctions and photochemical properties of newly fabricated molecular assemblies and inorganic particles in mesoscopic scale.

Sueki Lab

Study on a new atomic and molecular system using by radioisotopes; Study on synthesis and properties of radiometallofullerenes.

Nakatani Lab

Studies on chemical processes at microdroplet/solution and microparticle/solution interfaces using electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques.

Morihashi Lab

Computational quantum chemistry; Applications of density functional theory (DFT) to the molecular properties and reactivities of radical compounds. Development of DFT calculation method including solvent effect.

Yamamoto Lab

Investigation of architecture of metalloprotein and metalloenzyme structures; Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of paramagnetic metal complexes.

Nano-Science and Nano-Technology (Doctoral program)

Oshio Lab

Coordination chemistry on multinuclear metal complexes. Design and syntheses of high-spin molecules.

Molecular Condensed Matter Lab

Physical chemistry of structure and properties of molecular aggregates (soft matter, organic/low-dimensional conductors, molecular dynamics in crystal and phase transitions).

Nabeshima Lab

Design and synthesis of functional organic compounds, organic and inorganic hybrid supramolecular complexes and molecular assemblies, and biofunctional host molecules.


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TEL +81-29-853-4310(Office) FAX +81-29-853-6503(Office)
Chairperson Takahiko KOJIMA

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