Laboratory of Supramolecular Chemistry, University of Tsukuba

Nabeshima Group, Research Concept

Allosteric systems in living organisms are known to regulate its various functions by changing its structure in response to external stimuli. Such systems play vital roles in the maintenance of life. By applying these features, we can create intelligent molecular systems, whose functions such as molecular recognitions and catalytic abilities can be regulated at will. It will lead to next generation functional molecules, such as molecular memory elements. In our group, we design and develop functional organic molecules that change its structure or assembly state in response to external environments, and create supramolecular systems whose functions are expressed in a desired manner.

 Research Concept

  1. Regulation of molecular recognition through the formation of pseudomacrocycles.
  2. Multi-metal systems bearing Schiff bases or oximes.
  3. Responsive supramolecules incorporating luminescent dipyrrin complexes.
  4. Main group element complexes of dipyrrins with novel functions.
  5. Host molecules with concave phosphangulene framework.

 Research Concept

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